Business is business, this is true but it is much better if they are done under clear terms.

We strive to make things crystal clear from the beginning for everyone

Over time, we have collected many frequently asked questions from our partners. Here we want to share them with you. We hope you find them useful to understand our white label solutions more clearly.

Have you noticed any missing information? Please notify us if you do. As soon as possible, our staff will add any necessary based on your requests. Thanks in advance for your time.

General Questions

White Label Services means that we code all websites as a subcontractor for your agency, leaving no trace about us. 

In fact, we do not take credit for the work at all. The projects developed are as if they were developed by our partner’s agency.

If you’re at the crossroads between considering scaling your agency’s bandwidth by hiring freelancers or partnering with a white-label agency, the following top three reasons can help point you in the right direction.

  1. Don’t risk it, sometimes paying less can cost more.
    If you think getting good quality results could be expensive, you should consider the cost and headaches of bad ones.

    Working with some freelancers can be a risky decision because paying less does not always mean cheaper, quite the opposite. Think about how many times when you hire a freelancer you feel like you are playing Russian roulette thinking about how everything will go this time… Isn’t it?

  2. Grow your business, without increasing overhead.
    If your clients’ demands are growing and your in-house staff is not able to fulfil them, going for a white label agency would be the right choice!

    Partnering with AURA means so much more than just outsourcing.
    You can unlock your agency’s business potential by profitably leveraging a global talent pool that knows the ins and outs of UX Design and the WordPress Development ecosystem.

  3. Think about your agency’s prestige, love your client’s brand.
    Unfortunately, freelancers have gotten a bad rap because they tend to take on many projects at the same time, going over their bandwidth to handle them in a timely manner. Sometimes they commit to do a job but then fail because they don’t have the skills required by your project.

    What to say when they just disappear in the middle of a project leaving you alone in the dark? This is then when everything becomes a nightmare for you.

The right choice boils down to your own judgment.

In terms of cost-benefit analysis, why take the risk of hiring unreliable freelancers, when you can get outstanding results paying the same or even less by handling your projects with a white-label agency like AURA?

By choosing AURA as your WordPress partner, your agency gets the same hourly rate as a freelance developer, but with the solid backing of a cross-functional team that only a White Label Agency can offer.

Just give us a shot.

AURA takes confidentiality very seriously. You can trust in our invisibility. We will never disclose your identity or the work we do for you.

We strive to build a long-term relationship with our partners by offering a true white-label experience.

We understand your concerns about privacy, which is why we are willing to work under a non-disclosure agreement. AURA is much more than outsourcing WordPress services.

For your agency, it means the opportunity to scale your team without increasing the fixed monthly costs.

Over the years, we have designed and developed hundreds of WordPress websites. So, we have a tight grip over the duration of each task, which allows us to create successful projects that meet deliverables on time and on budget.

When you team up with AURA, you feel that working together means improving your business results in a cost-effective way.

We offer three flexible collaboration models, each has unique advantages for your agency.

1) Project-Based Model

It is best suited for agencies that have a one-off need with a small budget and short-term business goals. In reality, working under a project-based model can be an opportunity to test AURA’s teamwork and the quality of the work we do.

You can later turn it into a retainer partnering agreement for additional benefits such as ensuring the availability of our services on a priority basis for your agency.

2) Retainer-Based Model

It is more suitable for agencies that have a clear vision of their future with enough potential to operate in the long term and aim to develop many WordPress projects. If this is your case, the retainer model may be a suitable option for you.

The retainer model (monthly fee paid upfront), in addition to being cost-efficient, will allow you to have a dedicated agency always working for you, putting itself in your shoes. This kind of model refers to an agreement between your agency and AURA to work together for a period of time, usually a minimum of 12 months.

Paying a flat monthly fee gives you the advantage of scaling your team easily by reserving our agency’s time and resources for you, so this fee gives you access to our entire agency team in a cost-effective way.

3) Dedicated-Team Model

It’s a convenient option if you’re at the crossroads between considering pure outsourcing or scaling your in-house staff by hiring new people.
The dedicated team model can be adapted to two different work schemes.

It can be a team you hire to work full-time on a monthly basis just for you, or it can be a dedicated team that works exclusively on your projects until they’re done.

In both cases, it means you can enjoy the great benefits of an in-house team at no additional cost and gain even more flexibility and efficiency as each team is assigned to meet your agency’s workflow needs and expectations.

Such a type of model does not require you to pay for office maintenance, insurance expenses, and all the other charges that come with an in-house staff.

So why increase your monthly overhead by hiring new staff when you can choose an optimal and cost-effective collaboration model by partnering with a white-label agency?

FYI: In Argentina, although good professionals are well paid, considering the particularities of the local economy, Argentine salaries are usually 30 to 50% of US market salaries, depending on the position, required experience and sector.

By partnering with AURA, you can scale your team without increasing your overhead or worrying about hiring and training new employees, taxes associated with the in-house hiring model. 

Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about investing in space and other necessary resources like the computer that an employee would need to work, among other things.  Your agency doesn’t need any of that as you can have it all outsourced for just an affordable hourly rate.

As you can see, your agency can get the same hourly rate that a freelance developer can offer, but with the solid backing of a white label agency. (Shh… we’re serious here!).

According to the brief, AURA will review and confirm the project scope to estimate the effort needed, and thus be able to offer you a quote at a fixed price.

In this way, as an agency partner, you can have financial control over your projects.

Your agency can contract our services in a very flexible way, opting for any of the two models described below.

Project-Based Model: when you choose a project-based pricing model, you pay 50% upfront and 50% upon completion.

Note that if the project requires a development cycle longer than one month, then it will always be split into a 1 (one) month cycle. In this case, the agency must be willing to pay 25% of the remaining balance at the end of the first month, after which each payment will be tied to certain milestones until the full payment is completed.

Retainer-Based Model: by choosing a retainer-based pricing model, we are talking about an upfront payment (recurring monthly fee); assuring your work will be done on time, as you will have a dedicated agency working for you.

As a White Label Agency, our work is 100% confidential, so it is not shown in a portfolio, nor do we reveal the identity of our partners or their end clients.

In short, confidentiality is as important to us as it is to you and it represents the foundation on which we build long-term relationships with agencies.

We are proud of our confidentiality policy and we are confident that when you choose AURA as your White Label Partner, you will love the way we are.

However, we understand your concern about the quality of our work, so if you want to know more, we kindly ask you to Schedule a Virtual Meeting and let’s talk.

For your peace of mind, the quality of work performed by AURA is backed by a Free 30-Day Bug-Fix Limited Guarantee.

This guarantee covers any problem related to WordPress updates or whatever may arise after the delivery of the project, except for:

  • issues arising from new plugins installed by the partner
  • new code added
  • incorrect content management
  • or hacker attacks

In addition, for everything not contemplated within the guarantee, we offer affordable WordPress Care Plans and On-Demand Support Services.

Learn More

Throughout the development process, our QA specialists provide additional oversight to ensure a high-quality product is delivered to you.

Before the final delivery, you will also have the opportunity to review the website on your side. If you detect any deviation from the project brief, we will correct it in no time at no additional cost.

We code all sites with close attention to detail. In addition to quality checking all projects, we also guarantee the result by offering 90 days of free Bug-Fix.

We also offer specialized maintenance through our WordPress Care Plans.

Yes, we do! In addition, all our services are enhanced with the collaboration of NSB, an advertising agency associated with AURA under the white label modality.

This agency has experience in brand development, copywriting, production of advertising for television and digital platforms, you name it. In its success stories, it has clients of the likes of Coca-Cola and Monsanto throughout Latin America, among others.

If you are looking for any kind of additional WordPress related services then you can place request via our contact form and we’ll shortly get back to you at your local time.

Let’s talk about your agency needs!

WordPress Project Management

We are teamwork believers. We believe that “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”.

We believe that a special quality emerges when cooperation and collaboration occur.

We believe in the win-win business model. As you can see, we believe that working together can be a succesful strategy to improve business results.

We are time zone friendly. We work successfully with agencies located in the major cities around the world in their different time zones.

We have 3 in-house staffs working in three different time slots, always ready to collaborate with your agency according to your local time.
As you can see, the time zone doesn’t really matter.

Our biggest challenge is to add value to your agency’s production chain. We work with special attention to detail, always focused on providing superior quality results in all the services we offer.

We are fans of process optimization because we know that an efficient process means being more productive, and this in turn helps improve profit margins.

Years of trial and error, profitable projects and others, not so much. This journey’s given us enough experience and allowed us to develop our own way of doing things, to do them right. Today more than ever, we are ready to help take your agency to the next level.

  1. Discovery Meeting
    The first step is to schedule an initial meeting to discuss your agency’s needs and expectations regarding teamwork. Schedule Meeting

  2. Fixed Price Quote
    Based on the project brief, AURA will review and confirm its scope (SOW) and then send you a fixed price quote. In this way, you can have financial control of your projects.

  3. Project Management
    Once your agency approves the quote, we will set the project schedule and get to work ASAP. We will keep you informed minute-by-minute about any aspect of the project and its progress.

  4. Review Rounds
    We send you the deliverables in a timely manner to receive your feedback. You have up to 3 rounds to ask for changes. Additional rounds may be charged.

  5. QA Testing Process
    We love quality that’s why we take care of the details. AURA carries out an exhaustive quality control process which includes:
    • QA UX Design
    • QA Responsive
    • QA Cross-Browser
    • QA Functional
  6. Project Closure
    After we obtain your final approval, you will receive the invoice for the outstanding balance. Once AURA has verified your payment, you are ready to receive your client’s website.

  7. Final Review & Release
    Before delivery, we will do a final double check to make sure everything works as expected. We will also share a final project closure report with detailed additional useful information. Learn More

We will keep you informed minute-by-minute about any aspect of the project and its progress. For project management, we use tools like ActiveCollab, Trello, Asana or any other you prefer. 

We are agile enough so that your agency can also communicate the status of your projects to your clients in a timely manner.

We strive to work together in sync to achieve successful results.

As white label partners, we believe that communication is a key point to achieve successful results and optimize work between teams. That’s why we love using Slack, Google Meet, WhatsApp, or any other tool you feel comfortable with.

Besides, at AURA we will assign you a project manager who will be the person with whom you will mainly communicate.

As assigned PM this person will be in charge of compiling your specifications for new projects, preparing your quotes and ensuring that your projects are delivered on time. Of course, if you want, you can also communicate directly with the developer assigned to your project.

The PM will also help you with everything related to your partnering plan, payment, feedback on the developer’s work, and any other requirements your agency may have.

In a project-based outsourcing model, the typical turnaround time for a project to be ready for its first review is five business days, but this may be influenced by many factors.

Mainly, the complexity of the requirements, the date it must be ready for its launch, the efficiency in which the partner agency delivers the assets required for the production process and the availability of the AURA project calendar, among others.

Notes: The turnaround time for projects are provided keeping in mind holidays, weekends, current availability and workload. 


Turnaround Time (TAT): is the amount of time taken to complete a process or fulfill a request.

We send you the deliverables in a timely manner to receive your feedback.

In the same way, it is extremely important that your agency provide us with your client’s feedback within the timeframe established in the project calendar. Please note that if any feedback is delayed, it could have a negative impact on the agreed times in which the project is expected to be completed.

You have up to 3 rounds to ask for changes. Additional rounds may have an extra charge.

WordPress UX Design

What we do is have a very clearly defined design process where it’s first wireframed out in Figma before it’s ever built out in any of the various page builders that we convert them to, so this is part of our process and ends up saving us a ton of time.

Some people may tempt you to skip this part of the process, calling it unnecessary and time-consuming. But wireframing is about preparing any project for a successful outcome, and all good preparations requieres time. Working without a plan usually takes up even more time and risks the project failing altogether.

We wireframe everything out first and then we go!

As you may know, a website wireframe is used to map out the main features and navigation of a new website design. It gives an idea of the site’s functionality before considering visual design elements, like content and color schemes. Layouts and features, such as menus and buttons, are mapped out to assess the overall end-user experience.

Before we get to the page builder tool, we do a double check with the partner agency and their client to confirm if anything needs to be changed or what adjustments need to be made and this is done before getting too deep into the programming process.

A website wireframe also provides a practical map of the project for team members to see where everything will go as they complete related tasks.

Design Sprints quickly align teams under a shared vision with clearly defined goals and deliverables.

The Design Sprint is a proven methodology for solving problems through designing, prototyping, and testing ideas.

Ultimately, it is a tool for developing a hypothesis, prototyping an idea, and testing it rapidly with as little investment as possible in as real an environment as possible.

The goal of the User-Centered Design (UCD) is to make products which have very high usability. It is well known that user-centered design is an iterative design process in which designers focus on end users and their needs at every stage of the design process. Fortunately for your agency, our pro team includes multidisciplinary skills in this matter.

So, before starting the design process, we usually require the partner agency to provide us with detailed information about the market and its client’s product, specifying the consumer’s profile and context of use.

Please take into account that it’s required a brand guide containing the brand’s color palette, typography rules, grid systems, spacing and any other related visual identity references.

The web design best practices are the key to achieve an optimal conversion rate. So we focus on the latest standards about navigation structures, color scheme, responsive layouts and content organization always applying the principles of information architecture. 

Optimizing the conversion rate is important because it reduces the costs of acquiring new customers by obtaining more value from visitors.

On the other hand, we also pay special attention to the correct use of call-to-action elements, among others.

In case you want your agency team to carry out the design stage, there are some important points to keep in mind.

According to the latest UI/UX standards we suggest that the layout width be based on a canvas size of 1980px. To be clearer, in terms of web design, there are four measures to take into account:

  • Canvas Width: 1980px
  • Container Width: 1140px (16px inner padding should be on each side)
  • Content Box Width: 1108px
  • Full-Width Images: keep in mind that when a section contains a full-width background image, its width must be 2880px to be compatible with large screen devices.

In those cases where your agency already has web design ready, there are many ways your agency can provide us with design assets such as Figma, InVision, Sketch, Zeplin, Illustrator, and Adobe XD files, among others.

As for the design files made with Photoshop, we prefer to avoid them because we think that this tool is an old-fashioned option compared to others that are much more agile in processing the assets necessary for the programming stage. And also for reasons of collaborative work.

Notes: in addition, the corresponding design system guide must be attached.

WordPress Development Standards

It’s well-known that standards help avoid common errors and delays, they also simplify the project management process by making it more efficient. Project standards ensure the on-time delivery of high-end quality WordPress websites.

In AURA we strive to achieve an optimal result for our partners, so we’ve created a process according to the highest standards of design, development and support, in which each project is executed under these quality regulations.

Setting on in-house process as a project standard guarantees the control of each stage involved in the production of the kind of project you need exceeding expectations since day one. We have developed our own way of doing things, to be able to do them in the right way.

In short, AURA covers everything you need to obtain an outstanding result.

Our work methodology guarantees a world-class result through the following key points that are detailed below.


  • Initially build the site on our white label dev server
  • Use the most current available version of WordPress by the time project is started
  • Create well-commented CSS files, clearly broken into sections and organized in a logical order
  • Discourage search engines from indexing the site on our staging server
  • Include the essential plugins always taking care of safety and performance aspects
  • Can also include different plugins requested by the agency and deliver a detailed list of installed plugins

As Steve Jobs said, “deciding what not to do is as important as deciding what to do.”


  • Use a pirated or “nulled” plugin/theme version under any circumstances. Never. This implies a high risk and a violation of the corresponding copyright and its terms of use.
  • Perform SEO optimization of the website unless it’s specifically requested in the original specifications during the quoting stage.
  • Never display any project in the portfolio or send links privately to the work we do.
  • Never reveal the name of the agencies for whom we work.
  • Never leave any trace of AURA in the code.

Keep in mind that your client’s website rarely looks like the demo theme.

In those cases, what we essentially have to do with most themes is actually rebuild that theme again, using its features within the WordPress backend. Now this isn’t a very good thing. So we have to waste even more time spending time figuring out what does what and then tailoring it to the needs of the project, and you’ve already wasted all this time.

Our experience shows that premium-themed sites often take more time and effort to build and QA than custom projects. This is especially the case when the physical layout of the theme needs to be modified from its standard layout. Sometimes we have to charge more for premium theme site builds than custom builds.

Beyond all of the above, we do work on theme-based WordPress sites for partners on request, but it’s not our first choice, except in very specific situations.

We prefer to work with custom built WordPress sites using Elementor’s Hello Theme, custom post types and advanced custom fields so your client can update their website as easily as possible. Each site is based on the most current version of WordPress and is compatible with future WordPress core updates.

While we can work with custom WordPress sites using Foundation or Bootstrap as CSS frameworks, that is becoming obsolete. You will see…

The modern way to create custom sites in terms of speed and cost optimization is by using Elementor as a page builder, some lightweight theme like Hello, plus Custom Post Type and Advance Custom Fields for personalized content.

In those more complex or demanding cases in terms of content customization, we usually use Crocoblock’s JetPlugins suite. In our opinion, this is the most efficient way and that’s why we love it.

Also, we know that both your agency team and your end clients will love the ease with which they can edit the content. What you get is great satisfaction when your WordPress website is developed using the integration of these technologies.

Finally, another advantage that custom sites offer is that you are not tied to any developer because you have full control.

By default, all projects will be developed in the AURA white label server environment under an anonymous URL, high security and strict confidentiality.

However, AURA offers two contracting options: your agency can choose between developing the project in the AURA server environment or in your own environment.

Option 1: AURA Server Environment

High security and confidentiality: the projects are contracted paying 50% in advance. Remaining balance at the end and before the migration or delivery of the final files, as agreed.

Option 2: Partner Agency Server Environment

Absolute control and use of your own url: the projects are contracted by paying 50% as an advance payment + an additional 25% as a guarantee deposit. Remaining balance at the end and before the migration or delivery of the final files, as agreed.

Over the years, we’ve used just about every page builder on the market, including Divi, Beaver, Thrive Architect, and WP Bakery, among others.

We love using Elementor because it is a WordPress plugin that greatly speeds up web coding and with some “magic” it makes a full-responsive website possible.

While the free version of Elementor is usually enough for most projects, it is quite limited for building dynamic websites. The same thing happens with the rest of the page builders on the market in their free versions.

The Elementor Pro version offers the possibility of including dynamic source data, which added to the versatility of JetEngine reduces the effort that is usually required to create custom websites.

Of course, we can also code directly using PHP, HTML/CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, and other typical full-stack web development technology, but… keep in mind that our core business is focused on the WordPress ecosystem.

We strengthen the achievement of high-end outcomes through an exhaustive quality control process that covers the key points based on the latest standards focusing on:

QA Functional: a rigorous process is carried out to ensure that every link, button, form, menu, and all other functionality works as they should.

QA Responsive: this testing ensures that the website design looks great on different devices with different screen sizes whether they are desktops, tablets, or smartphones.

QA Cross-Browser: in this step, the project is tested on various browsers and platforms to ensure that the end user has no problems browsing, viewing or using the website.

QA Content: in order to guarantee that all content is displayed correctly, each website section is checked for TYPOS, punctuation, formatting and placement errors.

QA Design: this checkpoint allows us to verify that the coding is accurately based on the original web design provided by the partner agency

QA Requirements: at this stage, we verify that all the project requirements asked by the Agency Partner have been met according to the scope of the project and the specifications contained in the brief file.

AURA takes care of the Essential WordPress Security that each project needs to minimize the risk against attacks and infections by applying the best preventive protection and hardening practices.

In addition, a guide is provided with maintenance and improvements suggestions, containing some tips about the implementation of a CDN service, SSL certificate for secure site, content caching, PageSpeed optimization, etc.   

WordPress Project Closure

Once the development stage is complete, we deliver final project documentation to your agency in a well-structured manner.

This documentation contains the version of the plugins as well as their purpose of use.

It also includes the WordPress version and some comments on things to consider among other important aspects of the project.

After the project closure, we offer an update service for smaller tweaks free of charge. This covers handling of minor cosmetic changes, such as changing a phone number or email address, among other minor tasks, during the warranty period.

If you have additional requests at this stage, we will do our best to accommodate it under the scope of the project (SOW). However, AURA reserves the right to quote it again if we estimate that it will take more than an hour to get it done.

After we obtain your final approval, we will deliver the project ready for deployment in a production server.

We have experience in the advanced administration of different VPS hosting panels, mainly BlueHost, DreamHost, SiteGround, WP Engine, HostGator, DigitalOcean, Hostinger and GoDaddy among others.

We know that the migration process can be a headache as there are very specific technical issues to deal with.

Fortunately, the Partner Agency counts with the support of the AURA team, a group of specialists in WordPress and web technologies.

Some points to consider about the migration process:

  1. AURA does not offer any hosting services. However, we can suggest some providers and recommend certain plans that meet the specific requirements of the WordPress project.
  2. At the end of the project, the AURA team will take care of the migration/deployment process.
  3. AURA offers up to 2 hours free of charge to run the migration process. If the process exceeds that time due to complications in the hosting service (which do not depend on AURA), or other derivatives, the Partner Agency must pay the additional hours according to the hourly rate that appears in the “pricing” section.
  4. Before migrating the project from the development server to the production environment, AURA must confirm that the final invoice is fully paid.
  5. AURA offers to migrate for free, only once per project. If your agency requires any additional round, you will be charged an extra fee.

WordPress Top-Notch Support

Leave your worries about WordPress behind because whether we have developed a project for you (or not yet), you are not alone in the dark.

If you have any WordPress related issues, just get in touch with AURA as we can fix the most common cases and also the odd ones, through our One Time Fix and One Time Cleanup services:

One-Time Fix: perfect for solving small issues or requiring minor tasks. A minor task may be something we can take care of in 60 minutes or less.

One-Time Cleanup: emergency malware infection removal service. It is helpful to get your website back online in no time by cleaning and securing it, to minimize the risk of future infections.

One-Time Update: for updating under-maintained WordPress websites. This service covers the essential updates required for WordPress to function properly. Plugins, Themes and Core Files, everything is covered to ensure that your client’s website is always functional and secure.

Get the most comprehensive on-demand WordPress Support Services on the market at affordable prices, exclusive for Agency Partners.

Learn More

Yes. We require payment first because these are prepaid services.

This also secures instant support on your issue by assigning a WordPress expert, who will work until it is resolved.

Our service is 24/7 and support tickets are worked on in the order they are received. As soon as you submit your ticket details, a team member is assigned to solve it.

We strive to resolve all issues within a few hours from the ticket reception, but it depends on the complexity of the case and the particularities of the website. We aim to provide a same day turnaround!

We have three teams. Everyone works 8 hours a day. This allows us to be available 24 hours a day six days a week, plus Sundays we have emergency guards.

This is very important because we work for agencies around the world with different time zones running and business models.

We have a cutting-edge ticketing system that allows you to communicate with your agent instantly.

You will also be notified directly of any updates on the status of your tickets via email. In addition, you can use our dedicated support chat as well.

Yes. Our team is highly skilled in all issues related to WordPress.

This includes WordPress core framework, themes and plugins. We are also very familiar with WordPress hosting setup and management.

We can fix any individual request involving WordPress. A single request is the specific task you want us to complete and which you describe when submitting your support ticket details.

We can solve problems caused by plugins, templates, malware infections, among others. Also resolve white screen of death, WooCommerce issues, you name it.

Common WordPress Issues

  • Troubleshoot and fix theme errors in WordPress
  • Troubleshoot and fix WordPress plugin errors
  • Troubleshoot and fix WordPress contact form errors
  • Troubleshoot and fix WordPress image issues
  • Troubleshoot and fix a media upload error in WordPress
  • Troubleshoot and fix 404 error, broken links, or redirect issues
  • Troubleshoot and fix WordPress core file errors
  • Troubleshoot and fix a WordPress White Screen of Death
  • Troubleshoot and fix a WordPress internal server error
  • Fix WordPress database connection strings
  • Unable to log in to WordPress

The following are just some of the maintenance tasks we can perform on your behalf.

Keep in mind that only up to three tasks can be included, which can be completed in no more than one hour. In the event that your website requires more than three tasks or that the sum of total effort exceeds more than 60 minutes, it will be necessary to open another support ticket paying its corresponding cost.

You can also hire our web audit service to analyze all the tasks that your WordPress site requires. In this way, we can then offer you a personalized budget that fits your maintenance case.

Common Maintenance Tasks

  • Install, change or update a theme
  • Install, activate or update a plugin
  • Optimize WordPress database
  • Remove bulk comments in WordPress
  • Optimize images in WordPress
  • Preventing WordPress comment spam
  • Remove and clean out comment spam
  • Update WordPress to a new version
  • Improve WordPress security (hardening)
  • Install and configure a caching plugin
  • Provide a backup of your website

Below there’s an outline of the typical scope (SOW) of WordPress management tasks and hosting panels setup.

If any task of your interest is missing, we kindly ask you to send us an email and we will respond as soon as possible.

Common Management Tasks

  • Install WordPress
  • Update, activate or reset WordPress permalinks
  • Move or Copy WordPress files to another folder
  • Create and activate a child theme in WordPress
  • Configure and install an SSL certificate
  • Import or export WordPress database
  • WordPress config file changes
  • Setup WordPress redirects
  • Install a comment system in WordPress
  • Setup Google Analytics
  • Setup Google Search Console
  • Modify or configure DNS settings
  • Change the domain in WordPress
  • Setup and activate a CDN Service
  • Database find and replace

In those cases where we identify that a task could take more than 30 minutes, we’ll let you know in advance so you can decide the next steps to follow.

Usually, we first address the issue and then let you know what your best options are so that it can be resolved in the most convenient way.

If the problem has a certain complexity due to its nature or the dependencies involved, you have the possibility to buy blocks of time at an affordable price.

Yes. Our service requires that you pay in advance the price marked for the required task, regardless of how long it takes to be completed.

We receive tickets that can be resolved in minutes and also some that take several hours based on the complexity and yet we don’t always charge the extra corresponding to the additional effort.

WordPress Care Plans

Keep in mind that before ordering any of our monthly maintenance plans, your website must be healthy, since the Care Plans are valid only for websites that are running correctly.

Covered services are detailed in the characteristics of each maintenance plan. If you still have any questions, for your peace of mind we suggest you consult us before ordering any plan.

If that is not the case because your WordPress has issues, is broken or infected, considerer that you must first order a One-Time Cleanup or One-Time Fix service to fix it and then everything will be ready for us to take over.

It is also a mandatory requirement that the WordPress core be updated to its latest version, and likewise the plugins and themes. In the case of premium plugins that require a license, the partner agency must provide them, being the only one that will bear the corresponding cost.

If the website is not up to date, we offer you the One-Time Update service, which covers all essential technical updates. 

Contact Us

The short answer is no, not really. This plan only covers the intervention on a single website.

If you have several websites that require maintenance and you want us to take care of them, then you need to buy a package for each one.

You can also get the Care Plan Agency Bundle or request a plan adapted to your needs.

Basically, after buying a monthly Care Plan, you can submit 1 minor task each day per website. In short, you can request a maximum of 30 small changes or minor tasks per month.

We are offering the most complete WordPress Care Plan on the market, which means that you pay a relatively low monthly amount compared to

the benefits your agency gets.

Keep in mind that we make small changes as a courtesy. We hope you can understand that you are not hiring us for development, design or monthly content editing.

In both cases we are talking about 30-60 minutes or less in time and generally simple in nature.

Plugin installation, header layout change, footer layout change, sidebar setting up, contact form setting up, text alignment and CSS issues; these all we consider as small changes and minor tasks.

In the event that a website is covered by one of our care plans and a major problem arises, we will always be ready to resolve it as soon as possible.

Our hack-free guarantee doesn’t mean that your site is impossible to hack. It means we will do everything in our power to avoid it, and if it happens, we can quickly restore it at no additional cost to your agency.

If you choose the One-Time Fix, One-Time Update or One-Time Cleanup option, you will need to make a one-time upfront payment as this is a prepaid service.

This kind of service is paid at the time of opening the support ticket.

If you decide on a monthly Care Plan, then the payment will be recurring every month, being billed every 3 months or annually according to your convenience. For example, let’s suppose you buy a pack on January 12, the charge for renewal will be on February 12 and will be billed annually automatically.

 No long-term contracts. Cancel anytime.

Just send us your cancellation request by chat or email. We will stop the services at the end of the current month and the service will be automatically canceled.

That’s it! No catches and no fine print. Absolutely transparent. Of course, we would not want to lose you, but you can cancel at any time. 

The following tasks and services are not covered by our Care Plans or when ordering a One-Time Fix.

On the other hand, please note that staging sites require a separate subscription.

Not Supported

  • Sites containing explicit contents (not supported in any case)
  • Recover a hacked site (One-Time Cleanup)
  • Clean up malware (One-Time Cleanup)
  • WordPress full update (One-Time Update)
  • Update a highly customized theme
  • Remove theme customizations
  • Research previous theme customizations
  • Set up a theme for specific pages
  • Transfer a non-WP site to WordPress
  • Sites hosted by WordPress.com
  • Add custom functionality to a plugin
  • Add individual products for WooCommerce
  • Update customized WooCommerce
  • Boost page ranks
  • Building site backlinks
  • Increasing site traffic
  • SEO: audit or optimization
  • Paid marketing
  • Payment gateway configuration
  • Set up email accounts
  • Create, update and post content
  • Configure/setup a new theme
  • Design work
  • Build a new site
  • Create a plugin
  • Create a theme
  • Create images
  • Phone support

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